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Breastfeeding Support

We are pleased to be able to offer in-house Lactation Counseling here at Branford Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. Access to continual breastfeeding support, once a mom and baby have left the hospital, makes for a more relaxed, enjoyable breastfeeding experience and has been a help to many families here.

We strongly encourage moms and dads to take advantage of the complimentary breastfeeding class we offer before your baby arrives. Linda Rooney, RN, IBCLC, our lactation consultant, meets moms or couples one-on-one and focuses on the first week of life and what to expect as your baby learns to breastfeed.

At the newborn follow-up visit, which typically occurs 1-2 days after hospital discharge, moms and babies are seen by a doctor or APRN and have the opportunity to have Linda join the visit for any breastfeeding questions or concerns. Basic breastfeeding and baby behavior is reviewed, common breastfeeding problems can be discussed and Linda can observe and help the baby and mom during a feeding. Needed follow-up phone conversations or visits are easily arranged at any point while a baby is breastfeeding and complex issues can be managed on an ongoing basis.

Moms don’t breastfeed – babies do! Linda is here to help moms learn how to support their babies as they learn how to latch and feed well, and build and sustain a healthy milk supply.

Calls regarding mother’s medications, pumping, breastfeeding while working, or problems that might arise can all be directed to our lactation consultant who will get back to you with evidence-based advice.

You can reach Linda by dialing our office number: (203) 481-7008.

Breastfeeding Resources:

There are various resources that can be helpful to moms as they experience the joys and challenges of breastfeeding.