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Well Visits

The goal of the well visit is to ensure your child’s physical health and development. For school aged children, we recommend annual visits, at which time we can complete any forms for school, camp or sports. We strongly recommend making copies of all forms completed by our office after the visit. If you require a school, camp, or sports form outside the well visit appointment, there is a fee to process the request. There is no fee to complete medication authorization forms at any time.

The well visit is typically 30 minutes, including the initial workup. We know your time is valuable and strive to minimize everyone’s wait time. If you feel you may need to discuss a complicated matter, please alert the reception staff when you schedule your appointment that you will need additional time. If you are unable to arrive by your scheduled time, please contact us immediately. We will attempt to accommodate your arrival. However, please be aware that typically if you are delayed more than 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, you may need to be rescheduled. Please also review our policy regarding “no show” appointments and double physical appointments.

Well Visit Schedule

We follow the recommended well visit schedule as outlined by American Academy of Pediatrics.

The first visit after your newborn is discharged from the hospital is a weight check / newborn follow-up visit. It is not on the well visit schedule. We want to ensure that your infant is gaining weight appropriately and to address any issues with feeding (breast or formula) and parental concerns.