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Hospital Visits

Our physicians are affiliated with Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. We are directly involved in the care of newborns that have selected our group as their pediatricians. We will visit daily to examine your baby and answer any questions you may have. Any emergent or critical issues at delivery or arising while your newborn is still in the hospital will be directed by the staff of the Newborn Intensive Care Nursery at Yale in consultation with our physicians. In all situations, we are involved in your discharge and will give directions as to follow-up care.

If any of our patients are admitted to the pediatric floor, they will be under the care of the Yale Children’s Hospitalist group. They are in direct contact with us and we have access to the hospital electronic chart to keep us up-to-date during a child’s hospitalization. If you have any questions about your child’s care, you may contact our physicians at any time. The Hospitalist group will contact us prior to your child’s discharge so that we may arrange for follow-up care.