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School Is Back In Session.  We hope everyone is accommodating to the new changes made this school year.  Even though there are town to town differences on how our kids will attend school, one thing is the same.  Everyone should be wearing masks.  Please make sure they continue to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.  Encourage them not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth.  This is even more important as we get deeper into Fall and Winter.

Fall Sports.  Some sports are back in session.  We strongly encourage that you remain vigilant.  If your child is feeling unwell or presents with viral symptoms, please consider not sending them to practices or games.  Please have your child wear a mask if they are on the sidelines or on the bench.   We encourage the adults to wear masks at all times when they are coaching.  If that is not possible, consider a plastic face shield.

COVID Testing.  We use Yale for COVID testing. In order to make the process easier, we strongly suggest that you set up your own YALE MY CHART account if not done so already.  Then part of the process is setting up a proxy chart for your child. With this, you will have direct access to test results right when they become available.  Otherwise, it can take several days for the Yale results to get faxed to our office.

The Flu Vaccine Is Here.  We have been offering the flu vaccine to every child 6 months and older at their physical exam appointment.  We are also offering it to patients with no fever who are seen in the office for an Acute visit.  If you would like to have your child receive the flu vaccine, please call as soon as possible. We are making an exception for the flu vaccine.  We will allow multiple children per family to be booked together for flu shot visits.  We have certain protocols in place to make the visit a quick and easy one.  Our goal is to get as many children as possible vaccinated before the start of the flu season.

Allergy Protocols.  If your child has an allergy that requires an EpiPen, we may have filled out a protocol this year.  This will not be the case going forward.  We have provided you a list of allergists in the area.   Please make those first appointments with  your new allergist as soon as possible.

Parking.  In order to provide easy access to the parking lot, our staff and providers park in the back two rows.  This makes all spots closest to the building available to our families.  Please park on the side or in the first two rows in the parking lot.

Masks.  The masks that are permitted in the office are disposable surgical or 2 ply cotton masks.  Masks with valves, gaiters and bandanas will not be permitted in the office.  These masks are not protective to the user or to others.

Our Name Change.  We are Branford Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine now.  It is a slow process on getting it changed on our letterhead, envelopes and forms.  If you see the old name on a document or letter, don't worry.  We are still the nice people in the old white house with black shutters.