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> SNOW STORMS:  It has been a very snowy February. We are sorry we had to close during the severe storms. We are doing our best to reschedule those missed appointments. If you are having any problems in finding an appointment time, please speak to our Office manager.

> HEAVY METALS IN FOOD:  Recently there have been reports regarding heavy metals in baby food. Here's some information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about the risk of heavy metal exposure to children, and how to help minimize it.  Even though it focuses on Baby food, the concepts can be applied to the food consumed by children and adolescents.

AAP Healthy Children: Heavy Metals in Baby Food

>COVID:  As for COVID, we are grateful to see the positivity rate drop. Yet it is still concerning to know they have dropped down only to what our PEAK numbers were in the summer. We are not out of the woods yet. We hope as more people are eligible to get vaccinated, they are doing so.

Good news! The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been approved for Emergency Use. We will have more options for adults to get vaccinated.

There are ongoing studies regarding the vaccine use in children. Once the studies are completed, we will be able to get them vaccinated. As of right now, we have no guidance when and where children under 16 year of age will be immunized.  We want you all to be prepared when that time comes. We are working diligently in creating a tab on our website with information regarding COVID and the vaccines. Please keep checking back.

>PANDEMIC ANNIVERSARY:  As we are approaching the anniversary of the COVID pandemic when our state, the Northeast and the World closed down, we want you to take moment to reflect. We have come together as a community and it is essential we all stay that way. Please make sure to check in on friends and family. Especially check in with your children. We continue to see depression, anxiety, and suicide in teens on the rise. Please reach out to us for advice and support.