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Farewell Message from Dr. Wanerka

The allergy section of Branford Pediatrics is closed as of July 1, 2020 upon my retirement.  After 50 years of practice of pediatrics and allergy, it's time for me to slow down.  I'll sure miss my patients and colleagues, but I'm content that this is right for me.

It has been a great privilege to have served so many throughout my career.

After 38 years of outstanding service to our patients, Susan Judge is also retiring, as has our wonderful Physician's Assistant Joan Alfiero.  Christen Crowley will bring her expertise to Yale Pediatric Clinic.  I have been honored to have worked with these outstanding people over the last decades, and will miss them.

There are many good allergists in our area.  Your primary care physician will be happy to help you choose the right practice for you. 

I have been proud to be your physician and wish you all well.


Dr. Gary Wanerka