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Our new name is BRANFORD PEDIATRICS & ADOLESCENT MEDICINE. We ask for your patience over the next several months as we transition all our forms and paperwork.

Summer is coming to a close.  We are pleased that our COVID numbers are on the lower side compared to other states.  This doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to wear masks when appropriate, practice social distancing, and continue frequent handwashing.  Please be mindful when considering your end-of-summer travel plans.  Our success as a state is dependent on each and every one in Connecticut.  If you choose to travel to a high risk state, as listed on the Connecticut state website, you must quarantine for 14 days as per the latest recommendation by the State.  They will not consider any negative testing result.  There have been some individuals who have been assessed a $1000 fine for non-compliance with this mandate.  We cannot afford to slide backwards.  This will affect our businesses, our schools, and our health system.

Testing will possibly remain a challenge depending on the number of cases in the country and in our community.   When requested or required, we have been sending lab requisitions to Yale for COVID testing.  Yale's turnaround time for calling patients for testing appointments, and then calling with the results, can vary based on the weekly volume of needed tests and availability of testing materials.  As the numbers of COVID cases increase elsewhere in the country, the demand for testing materials increases, leading to gaps in the supply chain.  Regardless, we will fax over the order request.  To obtain a test appointment more quickly and for you to have quicker access to the test results, it is important that you create a Yale MY CHART account when you request a COVID test from us.  Once the COVID order is accepted, it will appear in your MY CHART account.  For children under 18, sending Yale proxy paperwork (easily found on the MY CHART login page) is a necessary part of the account setup.  Physician offices have no control over the timing involved in Yale testing.  Patients or their families must access Yale directly with any concerns.

First day of school is around the corner.  The State of Connecticut and your local town public or private schools are working on plans to safely begin school in the Fall.   Most towns are creating a hybrid model with options for online learning.  Some towns are returning to regular in person instruction.  Children will be required to wear masks.  Please consider having your children practice wearing masks at home.  It takes some getting used to but, with time, they will get accustomed to wearing it.  If they are unable to wear a mask, consider the other options, if available, of solely doing online learning or withdrawing your child to homeschool.  We have decided as a practice that we will not write letters excusing a child from wearing a mask for in-school learning.  This is the single most important step we can do as a community to mitigate the spread of the virus.  Here is some helpful advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Cloth Face Coverings for Children During COVID-19


We've made a change to our mask policy. As per the most recent state mandate, we are requiring all children 2 years and older to wear a mask in our office for visits.  As per recent studies, the masks should be disposable surgical masks or cotton masks.  Masks with valves and gaiters are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID and not permitted in our offices.  If you are unable to wear a mask, you must provide medical documentation that will be reviewed by us, before permitting entry into the building.