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Patient Portal

We are pleased to have a patient portal in place and encourage all parents/patients to use it.

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How to Enroll

Enrollment is easy! To begin, simply click on the red “New Users” button above.

This will take you to the NextMD website where you can enroll with your own user name and password and ask us to link your child’s chart to your account.

At this time, you can link your children (ages newborn to 12 years) to our portal account. Young adults (18 years and older) can create their own account.

About Parent Access

Parents can access their children’s records up through the age of 12. Due to the specific legal rights that 13- through 17-year-olds have regarding particular aspects of their care, we cannot support parental access to these records. We hope to be able to facilitate limited access in the future, with the requisite legal protections in place for this age group.

18-year-olds must set up the patient portal account in their names only, WITH THEIR OWN EMAIL ADDRESSES. This is also a legal consideration. Parents cannot access the records of children 18 years and older.

What’s Inside?

Patient portal accounts allow access to chart information, lab results, and enable you to print immunization records. They also give both the patient and provider a means to communicate via computer. The patient portal shoud NEVER be used for messages requiring urgent or same day attention. We will make very effort to respond to you within 7 business days.